The Order of the Argent Lozenge


Ordo Albeo Scutulatus

A twelfth century living history group


Greetings unto thee one and all and welcome to our page.

The Order of the Argent Lozenge means ‘the order of the strong & sincere’.

We are interested in a period from 1100 to1200.

We encourage individual members as well as  member households.  The order accepts living history displays from 1100 to 1200 from any culture in the world.  We offer members friendship in a common interest.  We encourage members to be fully self resourced, researched and equipped in whatever aspects of twelfth century life and culture they wish to portray.  We do not dictate standards to each other, but expect that an historical base from the right period can be referenced to support what members are doing.  At fairs and events that the Order attends members are expected to portray as much as can be reasonably expected accurate recreations  and aspects of twelfth century life.

Meetings and gatherings:  We meet irregularly at Tara in Queensland.

People and groups who are members of the Australian Living History Federation, the Queensland Living History Federation and The Society for Creative Anachronism are also welcome. See camping rules.

  We are a Queensland group based in Tara.


To see our Mission and Rules Statement click here

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